MEXICAN DADS | Mexican Wildlife

-To survive in the wild, one must be tough, fearless and have the ability to adapt. One of the few mammals that possesses those traits is none other than the Hispanic father. Much like the honey bees who work up to 12 hours a day, tending to their honeycombs, the Continue Reading

Corey’s favorite Freeletics workout | Freeletics

Prometheus is always one of the tough ones for me It was always a struggle And it wasn’t a struggle physically It was a struggle mentally That’s like going on a 5 mile run Getting to your finishing point And running one more mile And you grow off of it Continue Reading

My Bf Died And I Found Out I Was Pregnant. His Parents Don’t Know It’s Not His Baby!

Hi! I’m Evelyn. I’m 18 and I’m about to become a mom, but my story isn’t gonna be about the early pregnancy, to some extent. The thing is that my ex-boyfriend has recently tragically died and now his parents are willing to help me with our baby that I’m going Continue Reading

Baby Shower Games: Word Scramble | Parents

A baby shower isn’t complete without a fun game. Test your guess puzzle skills with this clever take on the baby shower word scramble. For the baby shower word scramble, you’ll need card stack, small envelopes, scissors, a writing utensil, a hole punch and tags. First, choose your three- game Continue Reading

Doggy Paddle: Hulk’s Adorable Pit Bull Puppies Learn To Swim | DOG DYNASTY

MARLON GRENNAN: What’s going on there man? Bath time with dad. Oh, the head goes back. And he knows what he’s doing. Still swimming, buddy? COMM: At Dark Dynasty K9s, world-famous giant pit bull Hulk has just fathered another litter of puppies. And at just four and a half weeks Continue Reading

Bhallaldeva Vs Bull | Hindi | Baahubali: The beginning | CliptoManiac INDIA

Your Majesty, It is just been two days since we caught that bull in the forests. We haven’t broken it yet. It is quite dangerous… Minister! It would take 10 such bulls to intimidate Bhallaladeva. Please come. Stamp it out, Bhalla! Yes! Kill him, father! Did you see, grandfather? Glory Continue Reading