Foreclosure Pending – Stories of the Ranch

hi I’m Michael every ranch comes with stories and today we’re going to tell a few stories of the ranch our history and the history before us and yes even the story of the floor closure pending a sign it’s all coming up today on our why oming life a Continue Reading

Feed Sacks New Life – The Project List

Hi I’m Mike. Somedays ranching is all about coming up with a solution for a problem and doing it in a way that you may never have thought of. Today we tackle a problem I have had for years and solve it with the help of one subscriber and an Continue Reading

Bull Selection and Auction at Burns Farms in Pikeville, TN with The Southern Cowman

hey everybody sam here from green acre homestead i am not on the homestead today i’m actually out in Pikeville Tennessee it burns farms at a giant bull and cattle sale no I’m not a cow man by trade but I still love to have fun with animals I’m out Continue Reading

Preg Checking and Problem Solving

Hi I’m Mike. Change is the name of the game on the ranch and that mantra holds true as we get to preg checking the cows, seeing and whos pregnant and whos not. Also we get to put on our thinking caps and solve some problems on the fly, all Continue Reading

Why A Cow Doesn’t Get Pregnant

Hi I’m Mike. This week we went through the entire cow herd, we found who was pregnant and which cows were going to leave the ranch, and who gets to stay. Like most things, that raised even more questions and today, we try to put some of those to rest Continue Reading

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MyFarm vote result: Moo Who?

Hello MyFarmers. We’re with Farmer Morris for the result of the Moo Who vote. Farmer Morris, happy Valentine’s Day. Thank you, Andrew. At least it’s not freezing today. It’s a little bit warmer, thankfully. These lovely ladies, the Irish Moileds, won the vote. They got about 50% of the votes, Continue Reading

Cow Wedding: Sacred Cow And Bull Are Married In India

00:02 COMM: It had all the hallmarks of a lavish Indian wedding, but when 5,000 well-wishers gathered for a traditional Hindu ceremony, in Western India this week, the bride and groom were in fact a cow and a bull. 00:15 COMM: Nuptials between cow Ganga and bull Prakash had been Continue Reading

This Little Calf Goes to From Ranch to Market

Hi I’m Mike, all year long on the ranch works toward this one day, today. When calves get brought in, sorted from their moms, loaded on trailers and sold at auction. It’s the ranches one pay day of the year, today on our Wyoming life. Its early, I’m waiting for Continue Reading

Moving Bulls by Trailer on a Wyoming Ranch

Hi I’m Mike, have you ever had one of those days where you just shouldn’t have bothered to get out of bed. Well today we try to make a bad day better and wrap up with the bulls, and get them put away for winter on our Wyoming life. This Continue Reading