learning farm animals names for children | farm animal sounds kids learning videos,toddlers

learning farm animals names for children

Swiss Cows: How to meet these curious and funny animals!

Chewing my my wheel… Hey guys I’ve just arrived with my mountain bike to something you will most likely arrived to as well. Because you and I are both not pro bikers. Behind me, you will see a gate that enters a pasture. Now you can see this is a Continue Reading

Cow-Calf Corner – Heat Stress & Bull Motility (7/20/19)

– Last week we visited with you on the Cow-Calf Corner about the impact of an Oklahoma heat dome might have on reproductive capabilities of your cow herd. I thought this week and again next week we’d go into more detail about what impacts these high ambient temperatures have on Continue Reading

Early Calving on the Ranch

Hi I’m Mike, today we head out to start another day on the ranch. Every day has its ups and downs, and somedays you get the feeling you should just stay in bed, but no matter how badly your day goes, around here its not going to stop and you Continue Reading

learn farm animals names for children | learn animals sounds for toddlers kids and babies

learn farm animals names for children learn animals sounds for toddlers kids and babies learn farm animals names for children

Massive Bovine Mastitis – Treatment and Calf Plan

hi I’m Mike Calving can be a time where it’s easy to get focused on just the calf and sometimes it’s easy to forget that mom is a top priority as well today we’re gonna take drastic measures to ensure that both a calf and her mom survive on our Continue Reading

Moving and Missing Bulls

Hi, I’m Mike, if you like moving cows and bulls, drone shots and a good game of hide and seek, then this is the episode for you as we search for bubbles the bull on our Wyoming life. I am pretty sure that this is where we left off last Continue Reading

Loading and Unloading Pigs

hi I’m Mike another cycle is complete for the hogs on the ranch the little ones we’ve been raising for just over six months now or leaving and today we take a look at their final journey and what we’ve learned on our wyoming life I never ever thought we’d Continue Reading

State of the Hay 2019

Hi I’m Mike, today we are finally at the last couple days of haying. We are moving bales out and back to the stack yard but more importantly we can finally see the end result, where we sit and how harvest stacks up, on our Wyoming life. A famous frog Continue Reading

Cattle Branding – The How and the Why

Hi I’m Mike, the branding of cattle is a tradition in the American west, but its roots may surprise you as we head into our branding recap, looking how branding 2019 went, also the purpose behind what we do and what we hope to achieve on our Wyoming life. Hi Continue Reading