Todays Thing: Farm Animals | CBC Kids

Hey, everybody. It’s Janaye. With me, Kenzie. Yeah, and we’re in Calgary at Heritage Park where we’ve gone back in time to 1910. And we figured, since we’re dressed the part, we’d tend to some animals because… Both: That’sToday’s Thing![pigs grunt] Both: Pigs! ♪ [upbeat] Look at these cows! [cows Continue Reading

SPIRIT the HEADLESS HORSE!! Family Night Routine! yoga, box game, icecream & what we do before bed!

Baby Cow Is So Happy When Rescuers Help Her Mom! | Animal Videos For Kids | Dodo Kids

This big mama cow needs help. She can’t walk or even stand by herself. Her calf is really worried. She won’t leave her mom’s side for even a second! Some people found them on the side of the road and knew right away that they were in trouble. Someone said, Continue Reading

Why farmed animals? Cause prioritization explained.

Cause prioritization is a systematic way to identify how to make the greatest gains when helping animals. It is useful for organizations and individuals who support several causes but want to direct their limited resources to where they can do the most good. To determine which causes we should prioritize, Continue Reading

Animal Sounds for Kids – Nursery Rhymes & Cartoon Songs by Little Treehouse

Let’s make some Animal sounds come along. Oh no.. The hungry little Duck goes quack quack The Rollie pollie Hen grunts cluck cluck cluck The Horse in the stable go stay neigh neigh neigh And we all say The large lazy Cow sings Moo Moo Moo While the dirty pink Continue Reading


We are live from Nepal Animal Welfare and Research Center (NAWRC). This calf is abandoned in the street and bitten by several dogs yesterday. We are doing the field treatment as we don’t have our own shelter in Banepa. And we are in big distance from Kathmandu, the capital. It Continue Reading

Tiniest Kitten and Her HUGE Dog Brother Do Everything Together | Animal Videos For Kids | Dodo Kids

This is Cooper the dog. And this is… hang on! SO TINY. Look at those little paws! Look at that little nose! Trying to get it together here. All right, let’s do this again. This is Cooper the dog. This teeny, tiny, little cat is Mini the kitten. And they Continue Reading

learning farm animals names for children | farm animal sounds kids learning videos,toddlers

learning farm animals names for children

Swiss Cows: How to meet these curious and funny animals!

Chewing my my wheel… Hey guys I’ve just arrived with my mountain bike to something you will most likely arrived to as well. Because you and I are both not pro bikers. Behind me, you will see a gate that enters a pasture. Now you can see this is a Continue Reading