Ozzy Man Reviews: Yoga Fails

Let’s get in touch with our mind and body everyone. Yeah nah this week, we’re slowing things down with yoga. My first tip is that it’s really important to remember your breathing… I believe the words she said under those censorship bleeps were fuck and shit. Now she’s saying “Strewth. Continue Reading

Molodechno Hard Enduro Scramble 2017

Come on, Vadim! Start, Vadim! 🙂 Go, go, go! Come on, Vadim! Come on, Vadim! Need refueling? You still have a lot! Go! Really? OK! You? Now you! What about you? What?.. 🙂 Blah-blah-blah about the sponsors… 🙂

Borisov Hard Enduro Scramble

Does it blink? Yeah. Damn!.. Go, Vadim! Is it safe to pass here? Yeah, go ahead! Here. Thanks! Go, go, go!!! 🙂 You both on the other side, and I pull from here. Take off your clothes. Shit, I have to take off my socks. Of course. 🙂 Let’s pull Continue Reading

The Incredible Red Bull Rampage | Dirt Shed Show Ep. 137

– Alright, I’m not kidding, I’m about to press play on this thing. Are you ready? – We got all the usual stuff. Were going to blow the doors off this week. – It’s the Dirt Shed show. (upbeat music) Right lets get into this weeks show. It is jammed Continue Reading

Mutton Busting 🐑 | RIDING CRAZY SHEEP at the RODEO

Have Fun With These Memes *.*

when I say wiggle, your hips no two bros chillin in the hot tub fight where are they the birds are tripping settles up in the sky beautiful weather is sitting here by the floor permit the Sun setting all right listen here motherfucker princess pick it up you make Continue Reading

Cow playing football

*Local Audience Insults Cow By Booing,Implying she isn’t fit to play * -look there he is -He rides the Cows? *Cow Poses Inviting For a Challenge* -Omg,Sexy Pose!!! -Should have brought my DSLR!! She really knows how to pose!! -Hey,One of you go on the other side! *Are you Scared Continue Reading

Most Awesome Bull fighting Festival 😝😝 Funny Video 2018😎Crazy people😂😂Try not to Laugh or grin

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