Conquering a 128ft Waterfall – Red Bull Chasing Waterfalls Veracruz

I’m Rafa Ortiz and I practice extreme kayaking. We are on our way to Tlapacoyan Veracruz, and we are going to what is known today as the new mecca of extreme kayaking. Where we are headed right now is like paradise, it’s like the Disneyland of waterfalls, I mean almost Continue Reading

Red Bull Official Glider Aerobatic w/ Luca Bertossio

My passion started at about 11 years old… after I realized that airplanes had a particular fascination on me The truth is that my father works in Russia so every 4 months he was coming back to me… he would stay for a few days and then I had to Continue Reading

Deep-water soloing competition in Spain – Red Bull Creepers 2014

Let’s take a swim. This is the first dip we take. Just look around at all the people who have gathered together to watch today’s show. I think Red Bull Creepers is going to be spectacular.

Making of Human-Powered Freerunning Machine – with Jason Paul

Yeah, I was brainstorming with my guys from Red Bull about what we could do for a crazy video that no one has ever done before – and we put our heads together. Then we had the idea of creating a cool chain reaction like we all know from Rube Continue Reading

7 Insane YouTuber Stunts (VitalyzdTv, JOOGSQUAD, WheresMyChallenge)

Top 7 Insane YouTuber Stunts Whats up Guys, Mr top 7’s here coming at you a brand new video! Before we begin, make sure to click the subscribe button below, turn on notifications and drop a like on this video! If you’ve done this, leave a comment below saying “Im Continue Reading


=What’s up guys, it’s Collins Key, and for this video it’s lit. So basically today I am, this is like the most hype intro ever, I am making a giant pool of oobleck. And basically when people usually do this video they only use a little bit of cornstarch like Continue Reading

New Animal Planet Extreme T-Rex Adventure Vs Bull T-Rex Jurassic Park Unboxing – WD Toys

it’s great to see you again i’m so glad you came back hi I’m WD and welcome to my channel let’s see what new also do we have today this is animal planet screaming gee regs adventure boy that looks totally awesome and later we’ll have today secret word and Continue Reading