I Gave My Fire Ants A Chicken Head

OMG! I can’t believe what I managed to film this week. So this video was supposed to be a regular holidays video of what I gave to all my pet ant colonies of the ant room for Christmas, but it turned out to be something much more… raw, and so Continue Reading

Fire Ants vs. Bird-Eater Tarantula

On this channel we’ve witnessed some pretty incredible things over the years, never before captured on film, and some undocumented by science. We’ve seen baby cockroaches being born from their mother as she was being devoured by fire ants, we’ve seen yellow crazy ants ingeniously feeding carnivorous pitcher plants with Continue Reading

Cockroach Giving Birth While Being Devoured By Fire Ants

OMG, I believe I have just filmed the most gruesome, disturbing, and even morally challenging video I have ever shot in my entire life. This here is my Fire Ant colony, which you, the viewers have voted to be called “The Fire Nation”, and as they say, all was well Continue Reading

How to Pick a Pair of Cowboy Boots : Choosing Rodeo Cowboy Boots

Hi. I am Dustin here on behalf of Expert Village.com. And here I’m at Callisters and today I’m gonna talk a little bit about rodeo boots. Now let’s face it. Us rodeo guys, we like to have a little bit of flare in our lives. Like to have a little Continue Reading

My New Favourite Ant Farm of All Time

We ant keepers usually have that one dream ant colony, that one species of ant that fills an ant-loving mind with excitement and wonder. I’ve owned dozens of species of ants in my life time, but there is one species that stands out in my mind as one of my Continue Reading

I Raised Massive Rhino Beetles

Oh man! Wow! I can’t believe what I managed to film this week in the Antiverse, i.e. my Ant Room, which houses a variety of epic ant kingdoms and vivariums, containing a menagerie of exotic creatures that all live together interdependently, but guys, the next gigantic beasts you are about Continue Reading

Newly Adopted ‘Kitten’ Begins Changing Rapidly Before Her Family Uncovers A Bewildering Twist

For the most part, we like to imagine that our pets are the most beautiful animals in the entire world—especially our cats. With their unique personalities and cuddly natures, our cats seem to master “cuteness” in a way that other cats don’t. But one family in Russia thought about their Continue Reading

Fire Ants vs. Giant Spiders

I noticed the next morning, the fire ants had been busy cutting out their own path of resistance. The fluon barriers I had placed to ensure the ants remained secure inside the Selva de Fuego had weak spots. Over night, the ants had figured out that the corners were easier Continue Reading

Fire Ants vs. Water

The Fire Nation came pouring out of the tube and onto the wooden limb. It wasn’t long before it was clear that the ants have claimed the Selva de Fuego home. But then I noticed something. There were some ants that had fallen into the water. A lot of ants, Continue Reading

This Chained Bull Was Freed For The First Time ,What Happened Next Is Totally Adorable

With their huge hulks, long horns and raw power, bulls aren’t animals we traditionally tend to sympathize with – save, perhaps, during Spain’s bloody bullfighting spectacles. This one, though, whose first forays into freedom were captured on camera, is an exception. His story will warm your heart. Meet Bandit, a Continue Reading