Out of the Box: El Torero de la Torah or the Bullfighter from Brooklyn

good evening everybody it’s great to see everybody here tonight i’m judy greenspan the director of public programs here at the Center for Jewish history and on behalf of our partner organization the American Jewish Historical Society I’m really pleased to welcome all of you to tonight’s program this is Continue Reading

4 hospitalized after Pamplona’s running of the bulls

A man who was gored and three others who were trampled in the first running of the bulls of this year’s San Fermin festival were hospitalized Saturday, officials in the Spanish city of Pamplona said Among those receiving medical treatment is a 20-year-old Canadian man with mild traumatic injuries, the Continue Reading

Ernest Hemingway: Life of a Hundred Men | Tooky History

If you want to write a guide on how to be the manliest of men, there’s only one person you need to look up Ernest Hemingway was a writer of 10 novels and a few collections of short stories Which are considered classics of American literature He received the Nobel Continue Reading

Violent Death on a Sunday Afternoon

Violent Death on a Sunday Afternoon At first, a bullfight feels about as serious as a war reenactment. The event begins with a trumpet call and a formal procession of people and animals in silly and highly elaborate costumes. The erect postures and stern expressions of the bullfighters feel so Continue Reading

Death in The Afternoon – Full Interview with Linus – Anti bullfighting

Ever since I read the book death in the afternoon by Hemingway I’ve had a strong longing on portraying this phenomenon I saw my first bullfighting in Mexico and its crazy I mean the ecstasy the people take on, it’s really humanity in its worst shape You know, people eating Continue Reading