Anda Bhurji | Recipe by Archana | Quick & Easy Scrambled Egg | Indian Breakfast in Marathi

I have eggs with me! And this is onion, tomato, green chilli.. ..garlic cloves, coriander, turmeric and oil! You guessed it right! ‘Egg Bhurji’. Primarily, switch the stove on. Heat the oil. 3 tbsp oil, approximately. Once the oil is hot enough,.. ..add 4-5 garlic cloves. 3-4 green chillies. Use Continue Reading

Creed Temps As Regional Manager – The Office

Declining Interest Rates as Central Banks Scramble to Prop Up the Stock Market (w/ David Rosenberg)

ED HARRISON: David Rosenberg, we’re here in your town, Toronto, talking to you about what’s happening, about the calls that you made before. But I want to talk also a little bit about Canada and, looking forward, whether or not it’s the same view. Last time we were talking, I Continue Reading