13th Annual Fear No Evil Bull Riding Challenge Commercial

For even the toughest Cowboys eight seconds can last a lifetime Louisiana CAT presents the 13th annual Redfish Rental Fear No Evil Bull Riding Challenge brought to you by Hooters of Houma arrive early for entertainment for the kids and hang on for the N&W trucking short round show down Continue Reading

Lamorne Morris Will Never Mess With A Teenage Elephant

– Oh my gosh! – Well, meet Keith and Josh and Selena. – Hello. – Hello. – How are you? – Good to meet you. – Oooh this is just– it’s in the faces. (laughter) – So Lamorne, you’re from Chicago, do you ever get back there to see your Continue Reading

Trendy @ Wendy: March 2

(crowd cheering) (upbeat music) (crowd clapping) Okay. I have been stalling on purchasing something like this. I’m going to tell you why you should get it, okay. Oh no I’m getting it all right. Okay. It’s going to be free here at Trendy at Wendy. I know that’s right. Hi Continue Reading

Marbula One: 2020 O’raceway GP RACE 2 (S1R2) – Jelle’s Marble Runs

JC attempts to escape | Sandugo Recap (With Eng Subs)

I thought you were a sharpshooter. How come you missed Eugene? I’m sorry. My head was fuzzy that time. That’s another thing. You were beaten up. You lost to your brother. You lost to your brother. I should’ve adopted him instead of you. What matters is, Eugene saw how I Continue Reading