SKAM FRANCE EP.2 S5 : Mardi 11h52 – Sprint

(Buzzing) – Thank you. Have a nice day. – So how did it go ? Arthur! Arthur! Arthur! (Buzzing) (Someone’s knocking on the door) (Buzzing) Dude, are you okay? Dude! Are you okay, man? – Uh … I’m fine, What about you? – Good. Hold on, can you hear me Continue Reading

Sneaky Baby Cat Has Super Secret Friendship With Emma The Dog | Animal Videos For Kids | Dodo Kids

Elmo and Emma. Emma and Elmo. You almost never see this little cat without her dog buddy. They’re so close. They even drink out of the same water glass! But they weren’t always this way. Can you believe that Elmo used to run away and hide from Emma? But that Continue Reading