Wuhan coronavirus kills 6, infects more than 300 in China

now China is desperately trying to keep alone the spread of the ohon coronavirus but so far it seems to be losing battle the mysterious respiratory infection that’s killed at least six people in second more than 300 people in China and parts of Asia appears to have made its Continue Reading

Coronavirus death toll rises to 106; countries scramble to minimize damage

we start with the latest on the new coronavirus outbreak the deadly virus is spreading quickly across China and to other countries keeping governments across the world on edge more than 4,500 cases have been confirmed in China with at least a hundred and six deaths reported for more on Continue Reading

Nevada Marijuana Shortage: State Officials Scramble To Stock Up | NBC Nightly News

WATCH vets as they perform life saving surgery on 16 ft python

Vets in Brazil have performed life-saving surgery on a 16 foot python after it failed to naturally release eggs. As this snake’s a reticulated python, it kills by coiling its powerful contrictive body around its prey. The 20 year-old snake doesn’t produce venom -nonetheless, vets at Sorcaba University in Sao Continue Reading

Bobcat Makes Lucky Escape From Car Crash

COMM: When this wild bobcat was hit by a car on a Florida highway, things didn’t look good. Police at the scene thought he wouldn’t make it and prepared to put him down. COMM: But charity Big Cat Rescue interceded and have taken him to Windsong Memorial Hospital, where he’s Continue Reading

Rodeo and Red Bluff | Hello humankindness

The sun’s gonna be shinin’ in California. Mount Shasta to the north, Sacramento and the river to the south, the coastal range and the Sierra’s that are still snowcapped behind us. How can you paint a prettier picture? People are excited, it’s spring, and Red Bluff is something we look Continue Reading