Lion Eats Buffalo Alive ( Insane pain )

patient pls

눈 와서 좋판다~ ㅣWhat Elephants Must Do For Their Nose During Winter

Drrrrrrr Sno Sno Sno Look at the sky, The white snow falls~♬ Back in my days.. I used to listen to this song when snowing “Hope dat friend sees this snow and likes so much” Hehe smash smash smash all Diving #heavysnow #playoftouching #successful I, the panda, is the one Continue Reading

ELEPHANT VS HUMAN – Who will win this battle?

This video is made in collaboration with Knowledgia, consider checking out his channel and also subscribe if you find his content interesting! Because I don’t think any animal has a chance in front of the elephant, I chose to compare it to the human! Elephants do not have a choice Continue Reading

Elephant battles with Rhino – animals, funny,wild animals,animals attack,

Elephant battles with Rhino – animals, funny,wild animals,animals attack, rhino,elephant attack,elephant kill,rhino attack,rhino vs,hunting,attack,vs he two animals charge at one another, and it’s over before it’s begun.

Cheeky Elephant Crosses Railway Track

COMM: This male Indian elephant wants to cross the railway lines. COMM: Thankfully, he’s found a level crossing. COMM: He is a tuskless male known as Makhna, and he can probably walk straight through the barrier if he wanted. Instead, he spends a bit of time working out how to Continue Reading

African Elephants, Luti and Gadze @ Birmingham Zoo

Couple of young African elephants from Birmingham Zoo AL enjoying the sunny weather!!! Lutsandvo, also called Luti, and Ingadze, nicknamed Gadze Gadze is the oldest at 10 years old, and Luti is younger at 9 years old but he’s the larger of the two bulls. They come to Birmingham from Continue Reading

Orphan Elephant Calf Survives Predator Attack

COMM: The Kenya Wildlife service has received a number of calls about a tiny elephant calf who has been seen wandering alone; looking very malnourished with small predator bites on his back legs. COMM: The youngster was rescued by the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and Kenya Wildlife Service in a Continue Reading

👉 6 Minutes of Animals vs Cars Trucks Boats, Including Lions Bears Elephants Goats

Knock it over Was it Nissan Holy cow, Cindy Oh my gosh, I didn’t know they could do that – that is ridiculous Is strongest at the weakest point the door Best basis flexing Once it realizes it’s too difficult to get in the polar bear moves off We’re not Continue Reading