Elderly Elephant Starts Crying When Man Plays Piano For Her

If you ever have the chance to help an animal in need, do not hesitate, because animals never forget good deeds, and they are capable of showing people how grateful they are. This is a heartwarming video about a man who fell in love with the elephants and changed their Continue Reading

Most DANGEROUS Animals In Africa!

What scavenger can actually chase you down at speeds of more than 35 miles per hour? Which snakes are the most treacherous in all of Africa? Find out as we look at the Most Dangerous Animals In Africa. #13 Rock Python Among the top six largest snakes in the world Continue Reading

Elephant vs. Rhino | Animal Fight Night

NARRATOR: Elephants are practically unstoppable. This punk is stalking its next victim. Not usually aggressive to other species, this rhino female has no cause for alarm. She may have poor eyesight, but she can still smell and hear the punk nearby. He casually pretends he’s on a stroll through the Continue Reading

20-Year-Old Acrobat Performs Tricks With His Elephant Family | BEAST BUDDIES

RENE CASSELLY JR: They’re like my family and my pet as well. I grew up with them, I don’t know anything else, they’re like my brother and my sisters. RENE CASSELLY JR: I like to go in the pools with the elephants, swimming together with them; I have like really Continue Reading

Elephant Saved After Maggot Infested Injury

COMM: Film producer Verity White and her crew were filming with the Uganda Conservation Foundation and the Uganda Wildlife Authority vet team when they came across this limping elephant. COMM: The young female elephant, thought to be in her twenties, had previously had a snare removed from her leg. But Continue Reading

Angry Elephant Topples Car

COMM: Here in small village in Kerala, India, a local celebration has been interrupted by an aggressive elephant whose owner lost control when it became violent. COMM: Luckily, the local villagers managed to escape the area in time. COMM: As the elephant began toppling cars. COMM: It’s unclear as to Continue Reading