Why should you read “Dune” by Frank Herbert? – Dan Kwartler

A mother and her son trek across an endless desert. Wearing special skin-tight suits to dissipate heat and recycle moisture, the travelers aren’t worried about dying of thirst. Their fears are much greater. The pair try to walk without rhythm, letting the vibrations of their footsteps blend into the shifting Continue Reading

A MESSAGE TO MY RED BULL FRIENDS: Congratulations To The Environment Littering Champions #redbull

Hey Redbull, isn’t it amazing that your product is supposed to give people the energy to do all kinda crazy shit… but that, in many cases, none of that energy seem to be used to do a simple… Come on Redbull! Get your shit together and help a little here! Continue Reading

This Vibrating Bumblebee Unlocks a Flower’s Hidden Treasure | Deep Look

This buzzing is a secret password. The key to a lock. What this bumblebee is after is pollen. Bumblebees eat pollen. It’s high in protein. But the flower doesn’t want to give it to just anyone. So it hides it away, in those bright yellow anthers… For a flower, that’s Continue Reading

Why Don’t Sharks Have Bones?

Hello! This week is Shark Week on the Discovery Channel, which some of us here on the internet aren’t huge fans of, so instead of sensationalizing sharks or just making stuff up about megalodons still existing, we thought we’d talk about science with the understanding that reality is actually pretty Continue Reading

The Fighting Bull and the meat & potatoes activists

The fear that getting dressed produces is something you savor, because you are enjoying every moment before you bullfight You dress up in lights and enter the bullring , it’s a strong and beautiful feeling. You dress up in lights and enter the bullring , it’s a strong and beautiful Continue Reading

Fire Ants vs. Water

The Fire Nation came pouring out of the tube and onto the wooden limb. It wasn’t long before it was clear that the ants have claimed the Selva de Fuego home. But then I noticed something. There were some ants that had fallen into the water. A lot of ants, Continue Reading