Relogio, Asa e Carro de Corrida – Danny Tattoo (Clock, Wing and Race Car) Timelapse

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Max Verstappen and Alex Albon Design Box Carts With Red Bull Japan

– What is that? – It’s definitely not a (bleep) It’s not a (bleep) – Alex, we are here because Red Bull Japan has asked us to draw a box cart for their race in Tokyo. – Okay. – I’ve got a few examples where we can look to and Continue Reading

How to Draw a Horse: Step by Step

Hi, Tom here and in this week’s video I’ll show you a simple way to draw a horse, in this drawing a use of 4B pencil, but any pencil would do, first draw a circle, it can just be a rough circle, it’s a basic shape for the front of Continue Reading

This Much Will Kill You

We all know to stay away from poisons. Like mercury where ingesting a 200 milligram dose would kill you. Or polonium which only requires 1 g of vaporized substance to wipe out 50 million people! But did know that 70 cups of coffee contains enough caffeine to kill a 70 Continue Reading