Buying Blind Homeless Puppy EVERYTHING He Touches!

Tinder in Real Life..but for DOGS! * Part 2 *

– Today we’re doing a challenge called, Tinder in Real Life But With Dogs Part 2. We’re at Frosted Faces Foundation and what’s really awesome about this place is it’s a senior dog rescue. That means they take the dogs that so many people have given up on, they say Continue Reading

Treating My Dogs Like Babies..Because We’re Having One!

Tinder in Real Life..but for DOGS!

Cat Saves 97-Year-Old Lady from Pit Bulls

For past few years, pit bulls have been famous for being dangerous animals as they are surrounded by many controversies. Now, do not judge me because I love dog, specially pitbulls, no matter what. But it is fascinating to note that 5-years study investigating dog bite injuries shown that 51% Continue Reading

Pup Found On The Side Of The Road Can’t Stop Giving Kisses | The Dodo Adoption Day

Even being in as much pain as she was in, she was all kisses. Faith was found on the side of the road. It was very clear that she was injured, she could not walk. So a good Samaritan picked her up and took her to a shelter. I said, Continue Reading

“죽을 힘을 다해 도망칠 수 밖에 없었어요”ㅣDogs Run Away From The Brink Of Death

13 Dec. 2019 Slowly slowly Ag, no way Rescuer : smell something burnt Got scorched too much It was a pretty big shock and just terrible Some parts of the body were burnt lost her previous appearance The doggo’s name is Yumi Vet : There were full of smells scorched, Continue Reading

🔥 15 TIPS “how to adopt dogs for free” 👍

Welcome dear friend dog lover. Thank you in advance for visiting my channel dedicated to the happiness and health of dogs. Today we are going to deal with a very important issue and it is how to adopt dogs for free. I forgot. Stay until the end because you will Continue Reading

Rescue Dog Xena Saves Autistic Boy | Dogs with Extraordinary Jobs | Love Nature

When Johnny was less than two, something wasn’t quite right. We would take him to the doctor and he wasn’t eating the way he should, he wasn’t sleeping the way he should. The TV was on, it was our nightly news here in Atlanta. And this horrifying photo of Xena Continue Reading