American Bulldog [2020] Breed, Appearance & Nature

Originating from the now extinct Old English Bulldog, the American Bulldog has not yet been recognized by the FCI or the AKC. In some European countries, owning an American Bulldog is strictly regulated or even prohibited. By contrast, in the USA the dogs are celebrated as a part of American Continue Reading

American Pitbull Terrier [2020] Breed, Appearance & Nature

Also known as a ‘Pitbull’, the American Pit Bull Terrier was originally a cross breed of a bulldog and a terrier. However, the FCI does not officially recognize the breed. The dogs are strictly regulated, or even forbidden, in many European countries, as well as in Australia and Canada. History Continue Reading

Siberian Husky Dogs 101 – Not For Newbies

If Frozen’s Elsa had a dog, it would be the Siberian Husky. With its stunning beauty, intelligence, strong-willed and independent nature—not to mention the fact that it’s built for extreme cold —it is the perfect companion for an ice queen (pun intended). But if you’re thinking of getting one as Continue Reading

Bald pit bull found on the street starts to CRY when rescuer touch her skin

When you looked into Oliver’s eyes, all you could see was one thing: The longing to give up. His skin was in terrible condition and he had lost almost all of his fur. Across his body there were deep scores and scratches – that’s what happens when you have insatiable Continue Reading

When animal rescuers save this Street dog, they also found out she is a mom

When Pumpkin was found in the street, her body was covered in burns and she had been left to die. The man who saw her, however, didn’t save her. Instead, he took a picture of her and put it on Instagram. In an attempt to be funny, he derided Pumpkin Continue Reading

15 Dog Breeds | Dogs for Kids

Hello beautiful woofers! Who doesn’t love dogs?! Dogs have been our friends and companions for a very long time. The dogs we know and love are descended from wolves. Scientists estimated that dogs were domesticated, or made pet-friendly, 15,000 years ago. Wow! That’s longer than humans have raised farm animals, Continue Reading

Top Most Muscular Animals in the World | Strongest Animal | Gym Addiction

Top Most Muscular Animals in the World | Strongest Animal | Gym Addiction

How Humans Have Forced Animals To Evolve

How Humans Have Forced Animals To Evolve Whether you believe in it or not, there’s no doubt that humans themselves have had a hand in evolution over the years. Whether it be because of our hunting, or because we want cuter pets, we have a tendency to twist and create Continue Reading

3 Most Dangerous Dogs In The World | Nutshell Videos

Three most dangerous dogs in the world 1. Pitbull: The term ‘pit bull’ encompasses certain breeds of dog from the American Pit Bull Terrier, the Staffordshire bull terrier, the American Staffordshire terrier, and the American Bulldog. Originally bred for baiting bulls and bears the majority of their breeds were also Continue Reading