One more Scramble in Africa – The Second Italo-Abyssinian War | BETWEEN 2 WARS I 1935 Part 4 of 4

In 1935, Fascist leader and de-facto dictator of Italy, Benito Mussolini will launch an international crisis that will not only outrage the world, but also show that by now national chauvinism is not just a trend, but an unstoppable force. He does this by invading Abyssinia and ousting its indigenous Continue Reading

We’re Close to a Universal Quantum Computer, Here’s Where We’re At

What you’re looking at is a hermetically sealed glass laboratory. Scientists here are engineering special chips that could power the next computing revolution: a universal quantum computer. Chances are you’ve heard of quantum computer and that they’re going to change everything. “So quantum computers have the potential to completely change Continue Reading

French Bulldog With No Eyes Loves Life

COMM: This little French bulldog won’t let anything stop her, even when she lost both her eyes. COMM: Milly was the runt of the litter and was born with a genetic defect. Due to overbreeding, her eyes and head were extremely out of proportion to her tiny body. COMM: Weighing Continue Reading

Crocodiles Brutally Ambush Zebras During Migration

COMM: Between June and October, the migrating animals of the Serengeti and Maasai Mara begin the toughest part of their yearly migration. COMM: The river crossings. COMM: During this time, over a million wild animals such as zebras, wildebeest and antelopes migrate across the crocodile infested waters of the Grumeti Continue Reading


On the island of komodo indonesia. Live one of the scariest creatures. A giant lizard with the bite of death. All animals that inhabit this island, can become prey of these creatures. Even humans have already been its victims. The buffalo. Weighing up to a ton is a strong animal Continue Reading

Pod Of Orcas Take Down Minke Whale

COMM: Off the coast of eastern Russia, an excursion of scientists and tourists, led by photographer Mikhail Korostelev, witnessed a rare sight – a group of transient orcas hunting a minke whale. There are two types of orcas, residents who live in one place all year round and eat fish, Continue Reading

This Little Piggy

Hi I’m Mackenzie and this is our Wyoming Life Coming up on our Wyoming life, Haying continues but the end is in sight, then we get some new arrivals at the ranch and later the bulls go to work Haying continues feels like I have been saying that for weeks Continue Reading

Calf Number 1

Hi, I’m Mike and this is Our Wyoming Life. The time when calves are born on the ranch is known as calving season, when its starts changes every year. A cows gestation period is 9 months, and we time when we put the bulls in with the cows to give Continue Reading

Feeding the Cows

Hi there I’m Mike and this is our Wyoming life every morning no matter the temperature or whether there are certain things that have to be done on the lash out the chipping out the keys you have to let out the Ducks then the shy peacock areas you have Continue Reading