Why Don’t Humans Have a Penis Bone?

There are 206 bones in the human body, and yes, it’s the same for men and women. No, women don’t have fewer ribs than men, and men don’t have one extra bone, if you know what I mean. You know what I mean. But several mammals, including our close relatives Continue Reading

This Is the Only Proven Way to Deter a Great White Shark | The Swim

In the story of an epic journey across the Pacific Ocean, one particular character might quickly come to mind. Ben saw it first, actually; it was just straight on the bow of the boat three meters away – it was, like, bigger than Ben. Before we left, we finally managed Continue Reading

Red Bull’s False Advertising Settlement Backfires

RedBull is involved in a false advertising lawsuit and is giving a small settlement to anyone who has ever bought a RedBull. They will also be updating their slogan to the more accurate RedBull: It Gives You Ten Dollars Hey folks, welcome to the new show, I’m Ross Everett and Continue Reading

How Can Something Have Zero Calories?

This episode of Dnews is brought to you by Domain.com. Zero-calorie foods are all the rage these days – but are they REALLY zero calories? And is it even possible for a food to HAVE zero calories? Hey guys, Tara here for Dnews – and I’m sure a lot of Continue Reading