The Great White Shark—one of the most feared predators in the seas. This is one of the most dangerous sharks in the world, considered by many to be a man-eater. But just how aggressive are these sharks? Join me on an expedition to investigate great white sharks. Hi, I’m Jonathan Continue Reading


In the Galapagos Islands, during certain times of the year, large aggregations of Scalloped Hammerheads come together to circle around Darwin Island. Scalloped Hammerheads normally live in the open ocean, but here at Darwin Island they come close to shore in large numbers. Considering the vast numbers of fish here, Continue Reading

Great White Sharks | SHARK ACADEMY

It’s the animal we know as JAWS, and has quite a reputation for attacking people. I’m Jonathan Bird and this is shark academy! This is the Great White Shark. The Great White Shark! Not to be confused with the wimpy White Shark, or the Mediocre White Shark, which are two Continue Reading

Male versus Female Sharks | SHARK ACADEMY

Is it a boy or a girl? How do you tell sharks apart? I’m Jonathan Bird and this is Shark Academy! With many fish, it’s extremely hard to tell a male from a female unless you’re a highly-trained marine biologist. But what about with sharks? Sharks are easy! The male Continue Reading

Shark Tonic Immobility | JONATHAN BIRD’S BLUE WORLD

This time on Jonathan Bird’s Blue World, Jonathan learns how to relax a shark! Hi, I’m Jonathan Bird and welcome to my world! For some reason, many kinds of sharks, when they’re held upside down, go into a sort of “relaxed state.” Back in the first season of Jonathan Bird’s Continue Reading


Okay guys it’s day three of the trip we are on, the Wild Atlantic Way. We’re about to fly over the ocean to the Aran Islands It’s early morning, it’s a little bit overcast but the Aran islands are supposedly gorgeous and we have a lot of really cool stuff Continue Reading

Jacques de Vos Dives With Orcas

12 Facts You Didn’t Know About Red Bull Cliff Diving

It’s like the moment before I dive There’s like this sense of calm and then when I leave it’s like my mind and my body just knows what to do It’s such a rush, I mean there’s a lot of fun you feel the blood pumping you feel like you’re Continue Reading

Free climbing in Colombia – Red Bull Psicobloc

Psicobloc is a discipline that I think was born in the late 70s, early 80s. One of the major places was Mallorca, Baleares Islands, in Spain. It is a very psychological activity where you normally are many meters up high, but the difference is if you fall, you fall into Continue Reading

Netherlands’ Oldest Extreme Sport – Red Bull Fierste Ljepper

I felt this jump was really special. I was so high up on the pole. It was more than a meter higher than normal. The time in the air was longer than ever. A very special feeling.