19-Year-Old Shelter Dog Finally Gets Adopted | The Dodo Adoption Day

Oh, you’ve got a great smile. The paperwork said Ace is nineteen. Ace was surrendered to the Sonoma Shelter, and then the fires started. And he ended up 150 miles away at the SPCA. I went to see Ace the day after he arrived at the shelter. – Hey bud! Continue Reading

Brave Rescuers Save Trapped Wild Horse | Animal Videos For Kids | Dodo Kids

That’s a wild horse laying there! Her leg is stuck in a fence. The horse can’t run, or even get up. She looks really uncomfortable. Luckily, these nice people found her. They knew they just had to rescue her. The horse needs a lot of help. They needed to free Continue Reading

Guy Drives 18 Hours To Save Two Baby Cows | The Dodo Adoption Day

It’s all right. It’s okay. – Who’s excited to go home? You guys don’t look too excited. I just rescued these two calves from farms in Vermont. I’m driving them to a sanctuary in South Carolina, where they’ll be adopted by a family. It’s about an 18-hour road trip. Good Continue Reading

Baby Cow Is So Happy When Rescuers Help Her Mom! | Animal Videos For Kids | Dodo Kids

This big mama cow needs help. She can’t walk or even stand by herself. Her calf is really worried. She won’t leave her mom’s side for even a second! Some people found them on the side of the road and knew right away that they were in trouble. Someone said, Continue Reading

Blind Rescue Puppy Wins Over Every Member Of His New Family | The Dodo Adoption Day

Martin is a bulldog puppy that’s about three and a half months old. He was surrendered to us because he’s blind. And Martin doesn’t really realize he’s blind I don’t think, because he’s so confident. He goes into the world as if he can just see, and if he bumps Continue Reading

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Prairie Dogs l Raising pups in the Badlands

The Badlands of America temperatures nudge just above freezing could this be the arrival of spring black-tailed prairie dogs stir from the shelter of their underground burrows to enjoy the first hint of warmth thousands of tiny tunnellers live in this prairie dog town most of them are related but Continue Reading

Pup Found On The Side Of The Road Can’t Stop Giving Kisses | The Dodo Adoption Day

Even being in as much pain as she was in, she was all kisses. Faith was found on the side of the road. It was very clear that she was injured, she could not walk. So a good Samaritan picked her up and took her to a shelter. I said, Continue Reading

Why So Many Animals Are Black And White

You ever stop to think how cool and amazing animals can be? I mean really. Why are some of them black and white? What kind of insect sees the whole world in slow-mo? Who is an immortal being? Let’s find out! We all know that a comedian tells jokes, but Continue Reading