Your new favorite airline in 9 letters

(upbeat dance music) – [Narrator] O is for on a budget so you can be out of office more often. I is for incredible service. It goes back to our Nordic culture. G is for growing. We’ve been the fastest-growing airline between the US and Europe, adding more routes all Continue Reading

Ricky Gervais on England vs. America

No, I… I don’t change it. I mean, the difference, you know, if we’re talking about the big 2, Britain and America, sorry, rest of the world, that’s not true. That was a joke. But the difference between English or British humor and American humor, it’s usually in the production Continue Reading

Roadside BBQ and Caviar in New Brunswick

The Strip’s rebellious little sister

(upbeat music) (slot machine whirring) – Hi, I’m Caz, and I’ve been living around the world for the past two years. This week, I’m checking out a side of Vegas that most people don’t know about. This is how the locals live. (upbeat music) (slot machine whirring) – This is Continue Reading

The great weekend escape: Boston

(upbeat music) – Welcome to Boston. – We’re here. (upbeat music) – Because the city of Boston is known for it’s unique character, Jeff and I wanted to explore the city. So first, we needed a bike. (upbeat music) – We got something fun planned for Jeff today, I hope Continue Reading

5 locals, 5 visitors, 5 great Florida cities

(upbeat, tropical music) – [Both] Welcome to St. Petersburg. – [Khris] So this is Bodega, my favorite place in town to get lunch. – [Megan] Let’s eat! – [Khris] Let’s do it. – It’s delicious. – What’s really cool about St. Pete is, we like to use our history, to Continue Reading

Behind the lens: Great Britain

(upbeat music) – I am Tiffany Nguyen and I’m a travel photographer. I’m in the UK with Visit Britain. – Hello. – Hi how are you? – I’m Colin, welcome. This is London’s oldest market, it dates back to the year 1200. Now a silk top hat originated in London Continue Reading

Cowboys in Calgary

Bulldog’s Toolbox – Behind The Bulldog Episode 3

(calm uplifting music) – [Interviewer] So Buzz, what’s your favorite tool? – Ahrefs. – [Interviewer] Okay, draw it. – Now that should be an easy one. (sped-up talking) (dinging sound) Modern art, that is. (laughs) – [Interviewer] Describe it in 10 words. – Ahrefs is a tool that aggregates social Continue Reading

When inspiration calls: Go to where it leads

(upbeat music) – [Canham] The Woodshop is more than just a workspace. – [Bartels] It feels like an extension of home. – [Hess] We share a similar philosophy in terms of how things are made. – [Canham] If there’s a little wobble to the line, it’s just the evidence of Continue Reading