Matador Legend Tells Emotional Story of Perseverance

(applause) First of all, everybody in this room should be very proud of the people that put this on. The university, if you start to realize it, is really changing in terms of their athletic department, in terms of the way they’re going back and looking at the great history Continue Reading

The Matador-Dodger Connection

(music) My father lived and breathed baseball. It was in 1948 that he was signed by the Dodgers, and it was right after Jackie Robinson was signed, and he became the first black catcher in the major leagues. He had his accident in 1958. He was in a car accident. Continue Reading

Matador Network | Intro

Interested in learning about the Matador Network? Let me introduce you to the program and help you get started. The Matador Network is a mentoring program that connects CSUN students and recent graduates to seasoned alumni professionals through an online database. The goal of the program is to have our Continue Reading

I’m a Matador – Judy Baca

When I first came to CSUN I was brimming with creativity and filled with hope I discovered new paths at CSUN new ways to express myself new methods to channel my energy and share my vision when I left CSUN I was ready to take on history ready to help Continue Reading

A Day as a Matador

(alarm clock beeps) (music) SINGER: (repeating) ♪ oooh, ooo-ooo-ooo-ooo-ooh ♪ ♪ Walking down the sidewalk, kickin my feet ♪ ♪ As I’m movin’ to the music, step to the beat ♪ ♪ I woke up today (muffled underwater) cancelled all my plans ♪ ♪ I stepped outside, (normal) with my Continue Reading

Dodgers-Matador Connection

VO: Brooklyn faithful fans roar in salute and hope that the Dodgers take the field… …and with two outs, Campanella blasts a home run. His first hit of the series. Joni Campanella: My father who was fondly called “Campy” loved baseball. He joined the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1948. He was Continue Reading

CSUN Marilyn Magaram Center: Matador Marmalade

♪♪ (Music Plays Throughout) ♪♪

Matadors Rising

NARRATOR: Welcome home new Matadors! You’ve made it to CSUN. Ready to rise? You’re just starting on the road towards a life-changing, positive impact of a college education. You’re ready for your first day as a Matador but what about after that? College is a whole new world and the Continue Reading

CSUN Matadors Day of Service

JORGE REYES: Being able to interact with the community that CSUN is around is a great part of being a Matador. I think we see trash within our own campus, and we get upset sometimes. Like there’s littering, but imagine the neighborhood being upset about it as well. And being Continue Reading