Lion Hunt Warthog ( Sadly end ) Crazy


Lion Eats Buffalo Alive ( Insane pain )

patient pls

Crocodiles Brutally Ambush Zebras During Migration

COMM: Between June and October, the migrating animals of the Serengeti and Maasai Mara begin the toughest part of their yearly migration. COMM: The river crossings. COMM: During this time, over a million wild animals such as zebras, wildebeest and antelopes migrate across the crocodile infested waters of the Grumeti Continue Reading


On the island of komodo indonesia. Live one of the scariest creatures. A giant lizard with the bite of death. All animals that inhabit this island, can become prey of these creatures. Even humans have already been its victims. The buffalo. Weighing up to a ton is a strong animal Continue Reading

How The Pros Film Crocodiles Up Close

FORREST GALANTE: The theory was, by looking like a crocodile, acting like a crocodile, we might actually be a little bit safer and be able to get closer to the crocodile. COMM: Wildlife biologist Forrest Galante and cameraman Mark Romanov travel the world together making nature films. FORREST GALANTE: Both Continue Reading


In terms of size, this is a very important factor with regard to cattle. At first glance, large cows seem to be a recipe for success for any farmer But large breeds are not always more likely to increase profitability. There are over 920 bull races in the world today. Continue Reading

Evolving and angry Buffalo shows true colors to the Lion, attack, animal, Africa

Evolving and angry Buffalo Bullies eight lions africa, black death, buffalo eaten alive by group of lions law of jungle !!! no mercy buffalo eaten alive by group of lions,

Flying Reptile vs. Colossal Croc: Battle for the Baddest | Animal Showdown

The Crocodile Queen

SAVANNAH BOAN: I love crocodiles and alligators so much that when I look at them, I immediately get excited and get butterflys in my stomach like I just saw a cute guy. SAVANNAH BOAN: Hey, my name is Savannah and I work at Gatorland, the alligator capital of the world. Continue Reading

Escaped tiger kills man in Georgia

A man has been killed by a tiger after it escaped from Tbilisi zoo in Georgia. The animal was one of many that broke free from its enclosure following severe flooding over the weekend. The tiger, earlier thought to be a lion, was hiding in a storage room when the Continue Reading