CUEIO – Corrida de Bici ! ! ! ☆ Desenho Animado em Portugues ☆

Galatic Cat. hehe Hi cueio, hi bull cousin Hi Hi Let’s ride bikes? No I can’t I have to come back home It’s time for dinner But we can ride bike at your place (Transformation sound) Alright But what’s for dinner? (Transformation sound) Kneaded banana With granola Nice Let’s race Continue Reading

Vlog: Corrida e Caminhada da Família em SP (Family Walking and Running)

Hi folks! Today I’m here at the Botanical Institute and will participate in a race! Let’s go with me? Guys, now I’m ready. I already have my green shirt and my number! But I do not want the sun in my eye! Got it. Do you want to borrow? I’m Continue Reading

Desafio da Corrida do Saco

Hi everyone, today we are going to make the bag race challenge Or, not worth it! Get back Okay, okay. One, two, three and … Already! (Laughs) I’m going to have to walk anyway Jump Sofia! (Laughs) I won! One two Three and go! (Laughs) I won! One two Three Continue Reading