Facts: The Mako Shark

The mako shark is one of the fastest predators in the ocean. They can reach speeds of around 40mph(64kmh). And leap out of the water 20ft into the air. Makos are located in most tropical and temperate ocean waters around the world. They may be found lurking at the surface Continue Reading

PINCHED! by a Giant Beetle!

(playful music) – You guys see that? That’s a stag beetle. Right now I’m On Location in Costa Rica, working on some of my animal facts, because yes I do research before I actually get on camera. I look over there at the balcony railing, and what do I see. Continue Reading

Centipede Bite Worse Than ALL Stings?!

(dramatic music) – I’m Coyote Peterson. And I’m about to be bitten by the giant, desert, centipede. (dramatic music) Here we go. (Coyote screaming) Oh my gosh, it’s so much worse than a bullet ant sting. (Coyote moaning) (dramatic music) It’s a fair statement to say that I’m no stranger Continue Reading

Jeff the Killer in a nutshell (Creepypasta Dank Meme animation)

[MLG 20TH CENTURY FOX] BEEEP [music] luk mah purfect nermal famileh dis is uor purfect nermal noo huose so purfect and nermal p u r f e c t a n d n o r m a l [music] oh luk a neibur [music] hei im brabrara u wan plae Continue Reading

Dora No More

Dora, Dora the Explorer, …the Explorer (echo) The Explorer… Dora, Dora the Explorer, She fell into the quicksand, And now she is no more. Dora, Dora the Explorer, She tangled with a lion’s cub, Now she’s nothing more than gore. Her parachute didn’t open, She plummeted to the ground, Though Continue Reading

Night of the Deadly Creatures

– Wooo, look at that. – [Mark] Whoah man, that is a long snake. – [Coyote] Now this is a nocturnal and an arboreal species, which means that they’re out in the trees at night hunting for their prey. Now they (vinyl record scratching) Oh man. – Oh jeez. (tropical Continue Reading