Un toro escapó del corral durante una corrida y desató el caos | Al Rojo Vivo | Telemundo

Forcados Aposento da Moita | À 3ª foi de vez | Campo Pequeno corrida de touros TVI (2018)


With the arrival of the month of november Lima is dyed with the shed blood of innocent animals, kidnapped and tortured every weekend in the Plaza de Acho, where bulls and horses will have to suffer product of the anachronistic and wild celebration of the bullfights, where incredibly the children Continue Reading

Un torero fue embestido dos veces en una corrida | Al Rojo Vivo | Telemundo

este torero americano se vio de cara a la muerte dos veces durante una corrida en perú en la primera ocasión lo embistieron lo dejaron inconsciente con una herida en el rostro lo increíble es que varios minutos después recibió otra corneada a pesar de las brutales arremetidas sabemos que Continue Reading

2/16 ¿CÓMO TERMINARÁ? XÀBIA o JÁVEA. Suscríbete y dale al like.

Good mornig. Good morning. I have been waiting for you for half an hour You cannot go to the bulls dressing like that Why not? it’s modern You have to wear the t-shirt of the bulls. And your name is written on it. Ok Damn! How have you done it? Continue Reading


Hello friends. Today we are in Alfafar (Valencia) and we are going to see 3 amazing bulls. I’m very excited. Don’t miss it! Today is the 15th anniversary of this group and there are some very important bulls Here we are There are bulls from 3 livestocks Let’s see what Continue Reading

36/17 VÍDEOS DE TOROS BRAVOS. Toros de Adolfo Martín en la Puebla. Peña Moratall 2017.

We are in Puebla de Farnals (Valencia) and we are going to see two bulls that come from Adolfo Martín’s livestock. Don’t miss it Please, leave your comments under my videos. Tell me what you like and what you don’t in order to improve them

Corrida toro incorna tre toreri Bull gores man – Story with subtitles Alessandro Ghebreigziabiher

Hear this: suspended bullfighting in Madrid, the bull, I’m sorry for them, perhaps not so much, gored three bullfighters. The bull wins… Unexpected. Paradoxical, far-fetched and exceptionally rare. Almost impossible, probably bogus. These are the stories where ‘the others’ win. Those who in the tale told by the peaks of Continue Reading

“La Corrida de Toros, the bullfight” Sueschubert’s photos around Seville, Spain (corrida seville)

Bullfigters have tons of prestige! by TravelPod member sueschubert Sue: Museum of Bellas Artes by TravelPod member sueschubert Bellas Artes: Sorolla exhibit by TravelPod member sueschubert Corpus Christi celebration by TravelPod member sueschubert …at Church of St. Ididoro by TravelPod member sueschubert The best seats, Sevilla’s bull ring by TravelPod Continue Reading