[CC/FULL] You’re All Surrounded EP03 (2/3) | 너희들은포위됐다

It hurts. It hurts! I’m going! Come this way. Team Leader Oh. Let’s just call it even with this. You don’t even know who the supplier is. How can you call this even? I think the supplier is her boyfriend. Next to the drug dealer who got stabbed in Club Continue Reading

Mr.Creeper (Parodia Minecraft) en español

Beethoven Vs Daddy Yankee – Internautismo Crónico

[CC/FULL] The Undatables EP03 (1/3) | 훈남정음

Are you… Kang Hoon Nam? Then the relationship guru that he mentioned… was you? You were the one who told him to date multiple… What are you doing? Guys. Buy me some time. Let go! – Hello. – Hi. Oh, my gosh. Chul Soo? What are you doing here? Yook Continue Reading

El Chavo | Quico le da tremendo susto a doña Florinda

Pokemon HEYEYEYEAH ft. Narehop – (Parodia “Hey Yea Yea Yea Ye”)

I’ve passed the whole Pokémon league and now I want my masterball proffesor Oak give it to me. I need it to capture legendary pokemon to be the best trainer so please, give it to me NOW and I said PROFFESOR! give it to me now PROFFESOR! give it to Continue Reading


We will be making here a behavioral report Hes here in Brazil, the original Vin Diesel We are going to call two stuntmen of Vin Diesel We are going to have to convince those men that Vin Diesel agreed on making an interview for Panico Vin Diesel accept do a Continue Reading

cancion alien fumeta!

CORRIDA: coisas de quem adora correr, hábitos fitness e corrida de rua 🏋♀