Little Orange Kittens Ask A Nice Man To Rescue Them | Animal Videos For Kids | Dodo Kids

Two baby cats… and a third baby cat! Just out in the middle of a road! These tiny kittens don’t have a home, or anyone to take care of them. But a guy named Chris was ready to rescue them. He called over, trying hard not to scare them. “Hey, Continue Reading

Captain America Pranks Comic Fans with Surprise Escape Room // Omaze

A superhero. Hey, you two! This is Captain America here, and I need your help. Are you up for the challenge? No! Well, wait– [laughter] Hi, Chris Evans here. To support Christopher’s Haven, I’m teaming up with Omaze to offer you the chance to assemble a team of your best Continue Reading

Skate Sessions in SoCal – Red Bull Skate Arcade Winners Trip 2012

OK, so we’re here in LA. Shall we pick up the luggage? Hello, I’m Sergio Muñoz. I’m here in California at Venice Beach, after having won the Red Bull Skate Arcade in Spain. This is my prize. Hi everyone. We’re here in California. I’m Gianmarco. My name is Benjamín García. Continue Reading

Family Guy – Peter gets molested as Ms.PotatoHead

Well, I gotta hand it to you quagmire that quagfest was some party. Yeah Except I got molested in the house of mirrors by either one man Or a hundred identical man could of used a heads-up on that one yeah I’ll tell you who might want a heads up Continue Reading

Family Guy – Peter joins the rodeo

Good afternoon. I’m diane Simmons in traffic news. Heavy Gridlock on the 195 interchange We now go live to drunk Billy in the channel 5 Newscopter This just in Channel 5 Newscopter pilot drunk Billy passed away today In anticipation of this event we put together a clip package featuring Continue Reading