PINCHED! by a Giant Beetle!

(playful music) – You guys see that? That’s a stag beetle. Right now I’m On Location in Costa Rica, working on some of my animal facts, because yes I do research before I actually get on camera. I look over there at the balcony railing, and what do I see. Continue Reading

Man’s About To Return Shelter Dog When He Finds A Letter From The Previous Owner

Today we’re going to tell you a story about a black lab called Reggie who was in need of a new home. A man had settled into his new town after moving house – but something was missing in his life. He knew that needed a canine companion to fill Continue Reading

[TRAVEL] Bullfight in Seville 세비야 투우

여기? 매진. 매진 2 매진 3 매진 4 이 자리도 매진 5 어헠 아같뚜더띠 첫 단어부터 chewed 오후 12시쯤 매표소에 갔는데 가장 싼 표가 26 유로 그렇지만 값싼 자리는 솔드아웃 남은 표 중 그나마 싼 가격 43 유로 (53불) 투우 6시 시작인데 좀 늦었어요. 사실 6시 정각에 도착한 거긴 하지만 Continue Reading