Cow-Calf Corner – Heat Stress & Bull Motility (7/20/19)

– Last week we visited with you on the Cow-Calf Corner about the impact of an Oklahoma heat dome might have on reproductive capabilities of your cow herd. I thought this week and again next week we’d go into more detail about what impacts these high ambient temperatures have on Continue Reading

Charolais Bulls For Sale in Alberta in 2016

Our Charolais bulls are thick bulls but they’re still smooth bulls. The bulls have the rapid early growth that you need but the two year olds will not get too big. We have delivered what you asked for; lots of hair so you can sell those deep coated, good doin, Continue Reading

Belgian Blue & Brahman Bull Unloading || Samman Cattle Farm

Assalamu’alaikum The Belgian is unloading at Kamran Samman Cattle Farm Masha Allah Stop Wait There Now Come Done? Clear the space If You Like This Video Friends then must Like & Comment and Share with your friends and watch full video And Also Like My Facebook “Live Mandi Updaters” This Continue Reading