Bulls fighting for dominance

Today is fight day! Our two bulls have been out with different herds and they will be separated from their cows and put back together for a few months. This always ends in a battle of testosterone-fueled aggression and brute strength. Come along as we take a front-row seat in Continue Reading

Sahiwal | Street Food & Cattle Farm | Makhay ke Paye | Mutton Karhai | Pakistani Food & Culture

Assalam Alaikum My name is Zia Tabarak and right now I am in Sahiwal Sahiwal is a historical city from the times of Harappa and it is famous for its cattle… and its agriculture the ‘makhay kay paye’ here are very famous it is early morning and we have to Continue Reading

Vet Scripts – Salmonella Safety (2/15/20)

(cheerful music) – Salmonella infections in humans are not uncommon, and most of these infections are associated with some type of contaminated food that we eat. But sometimes animal contact can be the source of the infection. An unusual fact that the CDC has found that children tend to be Continue Reading

Cow-Calf Corner – Making Sure the Calf is Breathing (2/8/20)

(upbeat music) – Last week, on the Cow-Calf Corner, we visited with you about what happens to a baby calf as they go through a difficult birth, and we called it respiratory acidosis. Today, what we want to visit about is how to help correct that. Getting that calf started Continue Reading

Nome e Som dos Animais da Fazenda – Animais de Fazenda – Farm animal Sound

hello when we enter a farm we can meet several animals with very interesting characteristics in today’s video you will see some of these animals horse: horses play a important on the farms because they are capable of carrying out work such as transporting human beings on their backs, or Continue Reading

Do All Cows Have Horns? and Other Agriculture Questions

Hi I’m Mike, ranching, farming and agriculture in general is a mystery. 48 percent of americans say they never seek information about where their food was grown or how it was produced. Today we grapple with that, as we take a look at a few agricultural questions, that may just Continue Reading

A Visit to the LBJ Ranch and the Famous Hereford Breed

[Music] [Kenny] Talk to me about what the history of this location is, what people that have never been to the LBJ Ranch, give us a quick overview of the history. [Clint Herriman/Manager, LBJ Ranch] So, we’re settled in Texas Hill Country which is really a German part of Texas, Continue Reading

Calf or calves 3-Day-Old Baby Cow

3-Day-Old Baby Cow

Number 127 Update and Mike Screws Up!

hi I’m Mike a few weeks ago we got to deal with a cranky cow with a sore leg and today we’re gonna head out and check on her and I’m gonna take the chance to show you around the barn where we nursed her back to health it’s all Continue Reading