NEW RODEO in Amargosa Valley

Let’s get them loaded. Let’s go! I almost said a bad word right there. (Reed) Hi. You sure are pretty. (Amy) I’m not as pretty as you are handsome. (Reed) Oh, I beg to differ with you. (Amy) Yeah, I don’t think so. Barr T Rodeo Company that we’re working Continue Reading

Taking a Bull to Auction – Bubbles Leaves the Cattle Ranch

hi I’m Mike today is bubble the Bulls last day here on the ranch today you and I are gonna load him up in a trailer we’re gonna take him to Buffalo Wyoming for his big day the auction which actually takes place tomorrow we’re gonna find out what his Continue Reading

Bulls – Triumph and Tragedy

Hi I’m Mike. The bulls on the ranch have one job, and today, well they get laid off. Its time to give them a break and get them moving on their way to their winter home, which is usually, easier said than done on our Wyoming life. My plan was Continue Reading

Why Don’t Humans Ride Zebras?

(classical music) (writing on chalkboard) – Hi there, I’m Josh Clark. And this is Brain Stuff. And this is the Brain Stuff where I explain to you why we don’t ride zebras. Is that right? Maybe you’ve seen somebody ride a zebra before, or, there’s videos on You Tube, and Continue Reading

The Geography of Livestock

About 2,000,000 years ago, early humans hadn’t figured out farming yet. So, they mainly relied on collecting fruits, tree bark, tree roots, and even insects to survive. As did several other hominid species, including one called australopithecus. But around this time, a change began to happen – not among the Continue Reading

What’s Thick Cut – David the Bull

Michael Mixon here with some more backyard wisdom. You know what ain’t Thick Cut? Barbecuing this generic, thinly-sliced, shrink-wrapped meat off the shelf. It’s bulls***. You know what is Thick Cut? David the Bull here. [MOO] Who was raised proper, to give you meat like this. Nicely done, sir. ♪♪♪ Continue Reading

Caring for your young bull

Caring for your young bull Dr. Terry Stewart, PhD. Department of Animal Sciences, Purdue University Hi I am Terry Stewart, Professor of Animal Sciences at Purdue University. I also serve as the Secretary Treasurer for the Indiana Beef Evaluation Program, which does the bull testing for the state of Indiana. Continue Reading

That One Cow – Episode 09 – “Step 3 – Execute”

[Intro Music] “Aah-Choo!” [Flowers Singing] “Aaah-ChooOO!” [Laughing] So, your friends just left. They told me you ditched them. Don’t care. I like living. Wow, Spoken like a true stud. Oh so now I’m the stud again? I really wish someone would make up my mind. Seems to me you’re quite Continue Reading

Livestock, Youtube , and What the Bulls Taught Us For the Future

Hi I’m Mike. It was Winston Churchill who said You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life. Are the topics covered on our channel too controversial for the main stream? Do people not want to put a face to their food? Today, we Continue Reading

Goat beauty contest happens in Lithuanian village.

Move over Pop Idol – it seems it’s more a case of Billy Idol for these contestants! Yes in the Lithuanian village of Ramygala they hold an annual beauty contest with a difference – the aim being to crown the most glamorous goat! Hundreds of locals gathered on the 20th Continue Reading