Bull Selection and Auction at Burns Farms in Pikeville, TN with The Southern Cowman

hey everybody sam here from green acre homestead i am not on the homestead today i’m actually out in Pikeville Tennessee it burns farms at a giant bull and cattle sale no I’m not a cow man by trade but I still love to have fun with animals I’m out Continue Reading

This Little Calf Goes to From Ranch to Market

Hi I’m Mike, all year long on the ranch works toward this one day, today. When calves get brought in, sorted from their moms, loaded on trailers and sold at auction. It’s the ranches one pay day of the year, today on our Wyoming life. Its early, I’m waiting for Continue Reading

Taking a Bull to Auction – Bubbles Leaves the Cattle Ranch

hi I’m Mike today is bubble the Bulls last day here on the ranch today you and I are gonna load him up in a trailer we’re gonna take him to Buffalo Wyoming for his big day the auction which actually takes place tomorrow we’re gonna find out what his Continue Reading