Bullied Cat’s Desperate To Eat Food Waste Even If It Could Harm Her Life | Animal in Crisis EP110

A mysterious critter shows up for sure if the light goes off.. “Shows up only at night when everyone’s gone and disappears with leaving a trace..” Gone just like a movie name ‘Gone with the Wind’.. Who on earth is the mysterious one? PD : Execuse me~ Restaurant CEO : Continue Reading

“Studio” Vlog 7 – Uma bagunça só!

Have no ideia what’s with this “oi” here. I don’t know if I sent it with this mistake on my file or if it’s their mistake but and here, the other thins I noticed was that the Fefe Torquato is written all together like it’s an website but it should Continue Reading

Stray Cat Protects His Sick Friend With Disabled Legs From Danger (Part 1) | Animal in Crisis EP103

This one’s name is Navi Looks like he’s calling someone But then Crying from the bushes is a cat ‘Norang’ Navi’s giving her a signal to come down Upon hearing Navi’s voice as if she’s relieved Norang walks down to him But The cat drags her weak, hind legs Norang Continue Reading

Cat Giving Birth to 5 kittens with complete different color

Belly is going to be a mom First contraction Petting helps her feeling better More, please! Amniotic sac come out Keep contraction It has been 2 hours… Goat milk replenish her energy Welcome to this world First Time Meow Cut the cord for you “My Babe” Belly’s Second Child Placenta Continue Reading

Ozzy Man Reviews: Yoga Fails

Let’s get in touch with our mind and body everyone. Yeah nah this week, we’re slowing things down with yoga. My first tip is that it’s really important to remember your breathing… I believe the words she said under those censorship bleeps were fuck and shit. Now she’s saying “Strewth. Continue Reading

Little Orange Kittens Ask A Nice Man To Rescue Them | Animal Videos For Kids | Dodo Kids

Two baby cats… and a third baby cat! Just out in the middle of a road! These tiny kittens don’t have a home, or anyone to take care of them. But a guy named Chris was ready to rescue them. He called over, trying hard not to scare them. “Hey, Continue Reading

Santa Cat, Santa claus dress for animals

Cow licky dog-try not to laugh impossible-Funny animal videos try not to laugh-funny video animal

try not to laugh impossible


On the island of komodo indonesia. Live one of the scariest creatures. A giant lizard with the bite of death. All animals that inhabit this island, can become prey of these creatures. Even humans have already been its victims. The buffalo. Weighing up to a ton is a strong animal Continue Reading