English Short Stories For Kids | The Mouse And The Bull | Moral Stories For Toddlers | Cartoon Story

The Mouse And The Bull It was a hot day. A bull was sound asleep under a shady tree. The bull was snoring loudly. This loud noise evoked the curiosity of a small mouse passing that way. The mouse climbed up to the nose of the bull. As the bull Continue Reading

Rodeo Fiesta | Funny Cartoons for Children | The Adventures of Annie and Ben!

ANNIE, BEN & MANGO You never know where they’re gonna go! WOW! There’s nothing but horses pulling the floats! This is the parade for LA FIESTA DE LOS VAQUEROS — it’s the world’s longest horse-drawn parade. Uh, fiesta what? It’s Spanish. It means: the celebration of the cowboys. Tucson, Arizona Continue Reading

Guinea Pig Travels Through Time in “Write in Time” – (Guinea Something Good Short #2)

[intro music]>>JOE: Hey, Gemma! What’s new?>>GEMMA: Time travel pen. Now go away, I’m busy.>>JOE: TIME travel pen?! You mean…this pen…can travel…through TIME?!>>GEMMA: What clued you in? Was it when I said, I don’t know, TIME TRAVEL PEN?>>GEMMA: Just write a date and time and let me get back to work.>>JOE: Continue Reading