Wasootch Ridge, Kananaskis scramble (HD)

Alright, Just got the GoPro out. We werent sure how far we were going to get. The snow was about a foot deep in places but we havent even had snowshoes out. Heres the first little tape marking here. Thats where you gain the ridge right there. Just a beautiful Continue Reading

Cowboys in Calgary

Dramatic footage: Huge fireballs rip through building in Canada

A three-alarm fire ripped through an industrial complex in Ontario, Canada, in the early hours of Saturday morning. Sending fireballs into the night sky and producing smoke that affected residents from as far as the Mountain area, the blaze erupted around midnight when cylinders filled with flammable liquids exploded. About Continue Reading

Massive 35m Kayak Drop from Keyhole Falls

It’s not deep at all so… Hold on for a minute, guys. We’re trying to make a call on how deep the waterfall is at the bottom. This place is too much! Oh, my god! Holy fucking shit! Jesus! Dude, I’m scared to look, dude! It’s six in the morning. Continue Reading

Super Baldie | Red Angus x Simmental | Bulls For Sale in Alberta in 2016

The perfect blend our Super Baldie bulls have really got their act together. We’ve harnessed the best of both breeds. Incredibly beefy and thick bulls; they pack awesome pay weight on disciplined moderate frames. They have all the convenience of Red Angus; moderate, consistent, birth weights, easy fleshing with bold Continue Reading

Super Baldie | Red Angus x Simmental | Bulls For Sale in Saskatchewan in 2016

and the first pen of super baldies we are going to look at this morning are this pen of summer two year old super baldie bulls again these are predominantly late may and June born super baldie bulls these bulls are produced right here on the home ranch out of Continue Reading

Peaking: Nicholi Rogatkin | 72 Hours at Red Bull Joyride

2016 Canadian Cattle Market Rant

well welcome to the new normal this is the second year of record calf prices certainly almost as good as a year ago except for the futures market and the cost of feed but still very very good fully twice what we were getting 4 years ago and it’s not Continue Reading

Dehorned Hereford Bulls For Sale in Alberta in 2016

Our Hereford bulls are broad deep sided bulls packed full of natural thickness on moderate frames. Trouble free? You bet! Our Herefords have been selected for years for good udders you never have to touch, because you don’t have the time and you don’t need the hassle. Use our Hereford Continue Reading