Persona 5 Scramble – Yusuke Kitagawa Character Introduction Trailer [ENG SUB][TURN CC ON]

This scenery.. I feel as it would make for a wonderful painting. I’m Yusuke Kitagawa. An artist trying to hone his skills in drawing. Let’s get back to the topic at hand. If we’re traveling, I say lets go to Kyoto. By observing the shrines and temples, I can sketch Continue Reading

Animal Idioms in English

All these fish remind me of an idiom: There’s plenty more fish in the sea. And that is something you say to someone who has just come out of a romantic relationship, and it means: hey, don’t worry, there are plenty more people out there who you can date. And Continue Reading

Cooking Scrambled Eggs With Milk Mini Food Truck | Mini Cooking | Miniature Food

Hi Honey what are you doing in front of your house? I’m doing like what you are looking at, I’m sweeping a yard, in order looking clean Wow that’s great. But, can you serve me some meals? I’m starving. Ok if you wanna ask me, I’m going to cook scrambled Continue Reading


Hello everyone, welcome to F3 Recipes. I’m Gulrukh Irani & today we are going to make “Parsi Akuri” It is a parsi version of bhurji We need Chooped Onion, Ginger-garlic paste Green chilli as per taste.I’ll adding a whole chilli broken in 2 But if you want more spicy, you Continue Reading

Scrambled Word Game #1: Guess the Word

This is the Scrambled Word Game Challenge. You get 5 scrambled words and 12 seconds to make the longest word you can. Let’s begin ! Thanks for playing! What were some of your best answers? Share them in the comments below! If you like this game, you can download “Longest Continue Reading

GORYNYCH – Red Bull Can You Make It 2018 – SPb Russia

Many years ago due to anomaly three guys with super power were born. They grow up together as brothers, but then were separated. One of them have an ability to travel on all types of transport. The second one to open all doors with his magical artifact. And the last Continue Reading

Push Ups on Red Bull Cans | Whitney’s Kitchen Gymnastics

Hello folks and welcome to Kitchen Gymnastics! I’m your host, Whitney Bjerken and today I am going to be doing Red Bull Push Ups. Now, I don’t normally drink Red Bull But when I do I drink Red Bull So, basically what I am doing is I am going to Continue Reading

A MESSAGE TO MY RED BULL FRIENDS: Congratulations To The Environment Littering Champions #redbull

Hey Redbull, isn’t it amazing that your product is supposed to give people the energy to do all kinda crazy shit… but that, in many cases, none of that energy seem to be used to do a simple… Come on Redbull! Get your shit together and help a little here! Continue Reading