Spiked Leather Dog Collar for Walking on English Bull Terrier

Is it possible to combine functionality and exclusive style? Yes, it’s possible with this unique collar, made of genuine leather with blunted decorations. This collar is extra wide and has 4 rows of nickel-plated spikes and manually set rivets. The hardware is used to adjust the collar on the dog’s Continue Reading

한 1분 10초 까지만 안본 눈 삽니다 ㅣ Your Troublemaker Doggo Might Be A Genius

Ominous, black shadow.. That.. That cray.. Ms. Kitty You saw nothing, got it Saw what? Put that camera away That we’re making trouble..!!! Chewy texture A dump or what Hey!!! Bibi!!! Didn’t do yet I can hear my lifespan is getting shorter.. Come here, fellas Sit right here Trouble maker Continue Reading

털 짧은 허스키 아니고요 불테리어임ㅋㅋ ㅣThe World’s First ‘Bull Terrier’ Dog Pulling Sleds

BIG MESS Trouble Maker Bull Terrier Trio’s New talent?! RUN.RUN.RUN “they had so much fun! very excited” So it started to the WORLD’s FIRST Bull Terrier Dog-sled…! Guardian :(Our babies) run too fast.. worry for it(sled) to be overturned… I…FEEL IT… Let’s Go! (Damn it…) MOVE! MOVE! bite, rip off Continue Reading

BULL TERRIER O BULL TERRIER INGLES | Historia, caracteristicas y salud

The Bull Terrier or English Bull Terrier is a Family dog ​​breed of terrier. They are known for the unique shape of the head and small triangular eyes. His temper has been described as a lover fun and active and graceful. They have appeared as characters in comics, books, movies Continue Reading

Funny bull terriër compilation Try Not To Laugh with pablo

Now you don’t go outside? still not outside:P Because you sit so good. haha in his legg. STUPID MOUSE!! Bro what you doing? There stuck in the tv, there stuck. Nice job. Again he stole youre food. Sit. leg. go sit high. Go down. good job. Youre stuck bro. How Continue Reading


– [Announcer] Dogumentary TV producing the best breed documentaries on YouTube. (dog barks) (upbeat electronic music) – I’m Drew Lindstrom. – I’m Ross Lindstrom. – This is Hank, our dog. – This is Hank. – He’s a bull terrier and we’ve had him for about five years now. We adopted Continue Reading