29/16 ¿CONOCES A ENRIQUE? Toros en Alfara de la Baronia y Pobla de Farnals

Comment, share and press “like” We are arriving in Alfara de la Baronia. Surely our friend Enrique will be waiting for us. He will be nervous. There he is. He is going to tell me where to park What’s the matter? Here we are waiting for you Let’s go down Continue Reading

14/16 LO MEJOR DE SAN ANTÓN. Canet 2016. Varios toros

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32/16 ¿QUIERES VER UN PUEBLO BONITO ENTRE MONTAÑAS? DOS AGUAS. Ven a ver sus toros y sus gentes

Hello my friends. How are you? Do you like bulls? Yes? Wait a little bit. I am going to search for the person that edits the videos Are you happy? He has found me in order you can watch a video I am going to edit a video using images Continue Reading

66/16 ¿LOS TOROS SABEN NADAR? Averígualo. 1ª parte Denia Bous a la Mar. 2016 HD

Hello Youtubers. Ladies and gentlemen. We have to speak in English or in Japonese because at least half of the people here are foreigners Today we are visiting Denia. An amazing place. Beautiful surroundings and incredible beaches. In just one minute cows will be entering I’m going to film a Continue Reading