Vacas de Miguel Parejo – Onda (Castellon) 21-10-2017 Bous Al Carrer [Toros FJGNtv]

¡¡ LO MEJOR !! TOROS Y VAQUILLAS – Sant Roc 2015 – Playa de Nules (CS) Bous Al Carrer [Toros FJGNtv]

Bulls fighting for dominance

Today is fight day! Our two bulls have been out with different herds and they will be separated from their cows and put back together for a few months. This always ends in a battle of testosterone-fueled aggression and brute strength. Come along as we take a front-row seat in Continue Reading

Sahiwal | Street Food & Cattle Farm | Makhay ke Paye | Mutton Karhai | Pakistani Food & Culture

Assalam Alaikum My name is Zia Tabarak and right now I am in Sahiwal Sahiwal is a historical city from the times of Harappa and it is famous for its cattle… and its agriculture the ‘makhay kay paye’ here are very famous it is early morning and we have to Continue Reading

English Bull Dog and Yorkie

Edisto bull sale 2012

We have just wrapped up the thirty-fourth annual Edisto forage bull test. We sold twenty-eight bulls at just shy of three thousand dollars a head average. The health has been fantastic, high-quality forages, they have been gaining very well. The overall condition of the bulls was excellent for the sale. Continue Reading


Get ready to watch images like these ones Bull with wooden balls on its horns

Cat Saves 97-Year-Old Lady from Pit Bulls

For past few years, pit bulls have been famous for being dangerous animals as they are surrounded by many controversies. Now, do not judge me because I love dog, specially pitbulls, no matter what. But it is fascinating to note that 5-years study investigating dog bite injuries shown that 51% Continue Reading

Funny video’s and facts about animals | Loulou & Ting S1E1

Joehoe… Hi hello, Loulou here and welcome to the Fun Fact Club! I have Ting with me and today we were asking ourselves 3 things: How do Herring fish communicate? What is the size of a blue whale’s heart? And does the color red or green make bulls angry? Are Continue Reading