68/16 ¡LO PILLÓ A PUNTO DE CAER AL AGUA! No te lo pierdas. 2ª parte Bous a la mar 2016 HD

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Peru: Animal Rights Activists March Against Bullfighting in Lima

“We are conducting a march against animal abuse especially against bullfighting.” “We cannot continue mistreating the bulls in such a cruel way for the fun of a few. They are not that many, we are winning against them *INAUDIBLE*, little by little we will get there, the bulls are the Continue Reading

Tiny Animal 💖 ANGRY SPANISH BULL WITH RED 💖 Animation Cartoons Play Doh

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Out of the Box: El Torero de la Torah or the Bullfighter from Brooklyn

good evening everybody it’s great to see everybody here tonight i’m judy greenspan the director of public programs here at the Center for Jewish history and on behalf of our partner organization the American Jewish Historical Society I’m really pleased to welcome all of you to tonight’s program this is Continue Reading

Spanish matador, 57, fighting for life after being gored by bull in ring horror – Today News

 A Spanish matador is fighting for his life after being gored by a bull.  Friends and family of Mariano De la Viña, 57, say it is a ‘miracle’ that he is still alive after suffering three cardiac arrests as a result of being gored  The injured bullfighter has undergone two Continue Reading

4 hospitalized after Pamplona’s running of the bulls

A man who was gored and three others who were trampled in the first running of the bulls of this year’s San Fermin festival were hospitalized Saturday, officials in the Spanish city of Pamplona said Among those receiving medical treatment is a 20-year-old Canadian man with mild traumatic injuries, the Continue Reading

Most awesome bullfighting festival accident 18+

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Top 10 Animals Specially Bred For Blood Sports

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