A New-Great Experience in Japan’s Diary (Trekking at Yoshino and Bullfighting at Uwajima)

I’m on the way trekking. Take a look This is my first time trekking. Let’s see how worthwhile for my tiredness. So excited! I try ordering a horse meat. I though it’s steak but… take a look Is this fresh? I’m sorry for horse. In my memory on 26 October Continue Reading

Madrid, Spain: Plaza Mayor and Bullfighting Culture

Plaza Mayor is a stately, traffic-free chunk of 17th-century Spain. Whether hanging out with old friends, enjoying a cup of coffee, or finding a treasure at the Sunday coin market, it’s an inviting place for people to gather. The square is filled with emblems of Spain’s powerful past. Bronze reliefs Continue Reading

Swedish porn star jumps into bullring to ‘comfort tormented bull’

Animal Right’s charity PETA has released video footage of an activist climbing into a bullring, in what was said an attempt to ‘comfort the tormented animal’. Forty-one year old, Amina Axelsson, who’s Sweden but lives in Spain, carried an anti-bull fighting sign with her into the bullring in Marbella. Axelsson Continue Reading

Madrid Bullfighting Stadium – Ep #19 (English)

Hello YouTubers. How are you doing today? Welcome to a new episode of I LOVE MAD. Today we are gonna visit the Bullfighting Stadium of Las Ventas in Madrid. It was built in 1929 is the 3er biggest stadium of this kind in the world after the Mexico and Venezuela Continue Reading

Bull jumps into crowd at bullfight in Peru

At least four people have been injured in Peru after a bullfight went wrong. This video footage shows how the tormented bull turned on the crowd at a bullring in Taraco, in the province of Huancane. Provoked by spectators throwing objects at him from the stands, the bull jumps high Continue Reading