10 Things You MUST Know Before Coming to Spain 🇪🇸

– Hey Spain lovers, you’re coming to Spain and you want to understand how this country works. What are the opening hours? When do the locals eat? How does tipping work? Is the siesta a thing or is it a myth and is it Barcelona or BarTHelona? Stick with me, Continue Reading

Bull Fighting Funny Video…….Biggest funny video….😂😂😂

Bull Fighting Funny Video

Madrid, Spain: Plaza Mayor and Bullfighting Culture

Plaza Mayor is a stately, traffic-free chunk of 17th-century Spain. Whether hanging out with old friends, enjoying a cup of coffee, or finding a treasure at the Sunday coin market, it’s an inviting place for people to gather. The square is filled with emblems of Spain’s powerful past. Bronze reliefs Continue Reading

13 Spanish Stereotypes: Fact or Fiction?

– What is it really like to live in Spain? Is it all long lunches with wine, tapas every night, late nights, siestas all day and flamenco and bullfighting on the weekends? – Keep watching and we’ll tell you which of the cliches about living in Spain are true. and Continue Reading

The bull, the most powerful animal and symbolic of the earth