Bull In Action | Dangerous Bull Unloading 2019

Dangerous bull is in Action no one can handle this bull

Meet the Deadliest Sniper on Earth

This bear cub gets a warm hug from a woman and purrs in the cutest way ever. Here, you can witness an amazing footage of lava flow that happened in Leilani Estates During the rush hours in Taipei city of Taiwan, hundreds of bikes fill the roads simultaneously. Have you Continue Reading

Vet Scripts – Calving & Dystocia (3/7/20)

(upbeat music) – If you’ve been in the cattle business for very long, you’ve probably had a calf, that we refer to as having weak calf syndrome or dummy calf. These calves are reluctant to get up, stand, nurse, usually are very poor endurers, and most of them will usually Continue Reading

The New “Cow-Culator” & Estimating Nutrition Needs (3/7/20)

– When it comes to evaluating nutrition needs in cattle, and factoring in the costs that comes with that it can be quite a complicated process. But Dave, OSU Extension has some some software that can help producers evaluate that and work through that. – We do. So we’ve recently Continue Reading

Afrikaner Cattle Physical Characteristics | Afrikaner Cow ki Pehchan aur Khobian | Afrikaner Bull

Aslam o Alaikum, welcome to “pure farming tips” in this video we will know about afrikaner cattle. we will discuss about it’s home track and characteristics so viewers watch my video till at the end to get information about this animal. if are new on this channel so hit subscribe Continue Reading

Pit Bull With Kittens

Pit Bull + Kittens=Pittens

“Pipe Bombs, Bull Sharks and Nicatamales” Dospollos’s photos around Ometepe, Nicaragua (vacation)


Didn’t your face crack? I did crack in 1972 When we were standing near Vietnam Between Vietnam and Chernigov So in 1972 we were standing between Vietnam and Chernigov And the supplies of condensed milk from Belarus were all out and we were dying from hunger And so we started Continue Reading