The origins of the bull terrier can be traced directly to a man named James Hinks, from Birmingham (England) who, after from several years of experiences, he presented to the breed in the 1850s. The Bull Terrier is based, in broad strokes, on the currently extinct English White Terrier. Hinks Continue Reading

WEEKLY GOOD MESSAGE Feb 10 // Under it all… // Look at THAT!

hi it’s Veronica your groundbreaking artist here at Shaboo Prints welcome back to the Shaboo Prints artist’s studio to receive your weekly Shaboost! a positive message or a thought that will start your week off on and up… You know we’ve all been kind of swinging quite a bit lately Continue Reading

Bull Terrier Temperament: You need to know the Temperament of your Bull Terrier!

Hi Guys, DesertRatDan here, Let me ask you a question. Do you know your Bull Terrier’s Temperament? Do you know it’s triggers? How it ticks? Well if you’re going to do any kind of training, whether it be house training, training them not to bark, any type of training or Continue Reading

유노윤호씨 얘도 제일 싫어하는 벌레가 ‘대충’이래요 ㅣ Bull Terrier Dog Has More Passion Than U-KNOW YUNHO of TVXQ

Feet of steel Firm tail Da baddest 7-month-old Dog who lives in a sculpture room, Bau The owner is an artist My artistic spirit is on fire!! Owner/ Hasn’t gone up here yet So I don’t worry.. Spoke too soon.. Better safe than sorry?! Dirt Done woofed The dog becomes Continue Reading

Spiked Leather Dog Collar for Walking on English Bull Terrier

Is it possible to combine functionality and exclusive style? Yes, it’s possible with this unique collar, made of genuine leather with blunted decorations. This collar is extra wide and has 4 rows of nickel-plated spikes and manually set rivets. The hardware is used to adjust the collar on the dog’s Continue Reading

한 1분 10초 까지만 안본 눈 삽니다 ㅣ Your Troublemaker Doggo Might Be A Genius

Ominous, black shadow.. That.. That cray.. Ms. Kitty You saw nothing, got it Saw what? Put that camera away That we’re making trouble..!!! Chewy texture A dump or what Hey!!! Bibi!!! Didn’t do yet I can hear my lifespan is getting shorter.. Come here, fellas Sit right here Trouble maker Continue Reading

털 짧은 허스키 아니고요 불테리어임ㅋㅋ ㅣThe World’s First ‘Bull Terrier’ Dog Pulling Sleds

BIG MESS Trouble Maker Bull Terrier Trio’s New talent?! RUN.RUN.RUN “they had so much fun! very excited” So it started to the WORLD’s FIRST Bull Terrier Dog-sled…! Guardian :(Our babies) run too fast.. worry for it(sled) to be overturned… I…FEEL IT… Let’s Go! (Damn it…) MOVE! MOVE! bite, rip off Continue Reading

EL MÍTICO PERRO de combate ARGENTINO ➤【FEROZ perro usado para ENFRENTAR a otras RAZAS de COMBATE 】

The Cordovan Pelican dog (PPC) was a powerful breed of dogs that emerged in the last century, from the cross of races; Spanish Mastiff, Bull Terrier, Bulldog English and Boxer. The cloak of these dogs he was soft, tight and lustrous with almost always white with some spots kitchens It Continue Reading

Los 12 perros MAS PELIGROSOS del mundo (Las razas de perros más AGRESIVOS y PELIGROSOS ? O No..

12 breeds of dogs most dangerous world. potentially dangerous dogs is the name Some laws used to name certain breeds of dogs that are considered potentially dangerous for their attributes physical aggressiveness on offense and defense, resistance to pain, with great tenacity. These races are the result of crosses in Continue Reading

PITBULL VS BULL TERRIER (Bull terrier vs pitbull) ENFRENTAMIENTO DE PERROS 👁‍🗨 ✔️ Quie gana ?

The American Pit Bull Terrier and Bull Terrier, There are two breeds with great capacity combat and for work. Meanwhile, The APBT, was used as a fighting dog, until they were banned in 1976; It is a very strong, tough, stubborn dog, combative, and great physical strength. In Currently, he Continue Reading