Most awesome bullfighting festival accident 18+

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British VS Spanish Stereotypes Part 1

I think that one of the biggest stereotypes that we have about the British people… …is the tea. I don´t know if it´s the same in your case, but, well, now I don´t think that anymore But at the beginning I always thought that all of the English in the Continue Reading

Funny Bullfighting festival

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Bull Fighting Funny Video…….Biggest funny video….😂😂😂

Bull Fighting Funny Video

Very Funny Bull Chasing Game Toro Totter – Stupid People Doing Stupid Things Funny Bull Sports

Funny bulls festival new style bull chase toro totter running of the bulls bull chasing spain stupid-people-doing-stupid-things Bull-chasing-toro-totter funny-bull-sports

Top 10 Biggest Cattle Breeds In The World – Biggest Cows & Bulls

10 Largest Cattle Breeds, You Need To See To Believe They say size matters but does it? Well, there are different ideas on this so let’s not discuss all of that and restrict ourselves to cattle. Now why do people domesticate cattle? While there can be many reasons for this, Continue Reading

اغرب هواية تمارس في الامارات 😧!!!!Bull Fight

Good evening to our beloved audience and good evening to the president of the field Hamad Al Matroushi Welcome guys to my new video! Greeting you from Fujairah state. Today’s video is a little bit different I am here to show you a sport that some of you may never Continue Reading

Toro (Xbox One) | Two-Minute Review | Player Ready?

Toro is a bullfighting game. Quote, The First Bullfighting simulator for the last generation consoles by RECO Technology, and by that I think they mean the current gen consoles. Actually it appears to be the only bullfighting game to ever hit consoles at all, though there was a SEGA arcade Continue Reading

Danger Bull On Eid | Black Bull On Eid | Bakra Eid | Bull Fight