Survival skills : Build a Stone Dam to Trap Big Catfish

Survival skills : Build a Stone Dam to Trap Big Catfish

Houses of Parliament repairs could cost £7.1bn

Restoration work on the Houses of Parliament could cost as much as 5.7 billion pounds – and take 32 years to complete. However, the hefty pricetag could drop to 3.5 billion pounds if MPs and peers are moved out of the building. The 150 year old Grade one listed property Continue Reading

Hornets and Wasps can be VERY Dangerous Burning a Bald Faced Hornet Nest Dracarys

Night time is best for visiting hornet/wasp nests you can hear night insects this is a bald faced hornet nest there are around 300 insects in this nest you can hear a fire lighting off a torch is coming close crackle of brush testing the flame strength this is a Continue Reading

Downhill MTB through a Palace – Red Bull Ride the Palace 2012 Bulgaria

The architecture of the palace is very complicated, but it makes organizing such an event possible. We’ll see what happens when we go down stairs and escalators. The course is really narrow at times, which should make riding it interesting and difficult. We’re gonna do some crazy stuff.

Building a Skate Spot in Latvia – Red Bull DIY with Madars Apse 2012

Hello! My name is Madars Apse! We are currently located near the old VEF factory in Riga and are constructing a skate park from concrete. We are nothing without helping hands… as we can see… people are working! Guests have come from everywhere, but mainly from Europe. From the looks Continue Reading

Freerunning in Switzerland – Red Bull Art of Motion Nature 2012

Today we’re in Ticino in beautiful Switzerland. In Lavertezzo to be specific. We’re here for the Red Bull Art of Motion Nature. 18 freerunners from around the world gather to compete and have fun. We’re going to entertain the audience. This is going to be epic.

Primitive Technology: CRAFTING a Bamboo Motorcycle (to escape Zombies)

A motorcycle would solve most of my problems. Zombies are getting faster every day, making it hard to scavenge on foot. It would be easier with two people. But holding down the fort is also an important job, which my roommate has volunteered to do. He performs best when not Continue Reading

Primitive Technology: CRAFTING a Zombie Meat Harvester

Hunting zombies is hard. It took me over two hours to climb that tree. This is what their meat looks like. I eat it to survive. I need to CRAFT something to harvest more than one zombie at a time! First tool I need to craft is a stone axe. Continue Reading