Buying Bulls Online vs Sight Unseen in 2016

I want to take a minute and talk to you about some of our special programs the first one is our sight unseen purchase program you know I’ve spent 30 years working with cattlemen across Canada and together we’ve developed the most successful sight unseen purchase plan in the country Continue Reading

Red Angus Bulls For Sale in British Columbia in 2016

And this is the third pen of these big summer two year old red angus bulls we are going to look at this morning this pen a little on the older sort mostly may bulls here we start calving on the tenth of May on our grass calving scenerio. So Continue Reading

Iron Path: Demystifying the via ferrata

(dramatic music) – [Man] Oh my God! (music building in intensity) – When it starts off at that waterfall, that’s so dramatic. (piano playing) – We would never be in that canyon without the Via Ferrata. We’re in upper Zillmer Canyon right now. (playful piano music) The Caribou Lodge is Continue Reading

Dance around the USA & Canada

Airport of Montreal, Quebec, Canada Everglades national park, Florida, USA Coronado Island, San Diego, California, USA Universal Studios Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA Hollywood, California, USA Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA Lake Powell, Arizona/Utah, USA Arch national park, Utah, USA Bryce Canyon, Utah, USA Badwater Basin, Death Valley, California/Nevada, USA Golden Continue Reading