French Bulldog With No Eyes Loves Life

COMM: This little French bulldog won’t let anything stop her, even when she lost both her eyes. COMM: Milly was the runt of the litter and was born with a genetic defect. Due to overbreeding, her eyes and head were extremely out of proportion to her tiny body. COMM: Weighing Continue Reading

Rescued Tiger Undergoes Dramatic Surgery

COMM: This is Priya. She made a timely escape after being rescued from a tiger cub breeding and petting center in Colorado. COMM: As soon as she arrived at Big Cat Rescue, the staff noticed she was clearly in a lot of discomfort. So the vets brought her in for Continue Reading

My Monster Mastiff Weighs 250lbs | TRULY

JOE THOMPSON: What I try to create is a dog that really is breathtaking. They’re tall and massive. My boys are some of the most wanted studs on the planet. JOE THOMPSON: My name is Joe Thompson and I’m the owner of three English Mastiffs. JOE THOMPSON: They’re named after Continue Reading

The £2.5M Whiskey Drinking Bull

COMM: Meet India’s most valuable bull. This is Sultan. COMM: Weighing at over one and a half tones, almost 6ft in height and a whooping 14ft long, this murrah buffalo bull has earned its stately name. COMM: And not only is this prize winning bull worth a huge sum, he Continue Reading

Moving Bulls – Vital Functions of the Ranch

Hi I’m Mike. Today, super happy fun time ends for the bulls. They have done their job and now it’s time to separate them off of the cows and start their long journey on their way home to their winter pasture on our Wyoming life. Welcome back to our Wyoming Continue Reading

Incubating Bullsnake Eggs- My Worst Experience Ever

All right, mrs. Wilson is Partially in her lay box. So we’re going to check And see if there are any eggs to be found It would be a little early because she shed only like three days ago And usually they shed which is called their pre lay shed Continue Reading

“Super” Pit Bull: Training The Ultimate Protection Dog | DOG DYNASTY

00:02 MARLON: If these dogs weren’t under control they could absolutely kill a person. 00:10 COMM: This powerhouse of a pit bull is top dog at Dark Dynasty K9s. Who specialises in training elite protection dogs for the police and millionaire clients around the world. 00:21 MARLON: It honestly feels Continue Reading

Why Don’t Humans Ride Zebras?

(classical music) (writing on chalkboard) – Hi there, I’m Josh Clark. And this is Brain Stuff. And this is the Brain Stuff where I explain to you why we don’t ride zebras. Is that right? Maybe you’ve seen somebody ride a zebra before, or, there’s videos on You Tube, and Continue Reading

Livestock, Youtube , and What the Bulls Taught Us For the Future

Hi I’m Mike. It was Winston Churchill who said You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life. Are the topics covered on our channel too controversial for the main stream? Do people not want to put a face to their food? Today, we Continue Reading