Magic Rush Leo : Brawl and Glory Trial 90!!

Hi subscribers, This is my daily reward for Glory Trials. I am on the 91st floor. Magic rush said it is too dangerous. ok, I cannot disobey. I will share the team that passed through the 83rd floor following the last video. This floor was really terrible, that smoke use Continue Reading

All-out brawl breaks out in Ukrainian parliament over flight MH17 vote

A brawl broke out in Ukraine’s parliament as ministers voted to approve a presidential decree to call up more military reserves to combat rebels in eastern Ukraine. Kiev repeated the decree of partial mobilisation it made 45 days ago, calling up additional reserves to bolster what it is calling its Continue Reading

Ozzy Man Reviews: Greatest Drunk Fight Ever

Welcome to fight day. Here we have a young fella struggling with his pants. He really wants to smash old mate But he trips himself up! He manages to get to his feet. And now he mounts a big attack. A series of lightning fast kicks. Unfortunately, he is struggling Continue Reading