Amazing – Hyenas And Lions Fight Unlimited To Scramble Locality And Meats – Wildlife Documentary

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I Live With 5 Tigers And 2 Lions | BEAST BUDDIES

COMM: 68-year-old Remy runs a private rescue centre for big cats in France. COMM: Four years after, Remy decided to make big cats the focus of his life. COMM: So, Remy set about making his property into a place for these animals to live in.

‘We Live With 220 Lions And Tigers’

LAUREN DROPLA: These guys are our kids. We love them and we’d do anything for them. JEFF LOWE: This is Lisa Marie. She is our maybe 14 month old golden tabby tiger. COMM: A year ago, Jeff moved from his luxurious home in Colorado to a cabin in the grounds Continue Reading

The Man Who Cuddles Lions | BEAST BUDDIES

Armand: You always have to maintain your concentration and respect. Secondly, don’t do stupid things. You get bitten and scratched all the time they have claws. Some people think I’m crazy. Some people think I’m testing my fate. We have 10 lions here. And then we have three tigers. We Continue Reading