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English Short Stories For Kids | The Mouse And The Bull | Moral Stories For Toddlers | Cartoon Story

The Mouse And The Bull It was a hot day. A bull was sound asleep under a shady tree. The bull was snoring loudly. This loud noise evoked the curiosity of a small mouse passing that way. The mouse climbed up to the nose of the bull. As the bull Continue Reading

होशियार बैल और बेवकूफ शेर – Smart Bull And Stupid Lion – Animation Moral Stories For Kids In Hindi

There was a farmer named Dayaram in a village. He had two bulls. Moti and Lalu. Both of them were healthy and strong. Lalu had been working for Dayaram for years. He helped him a lot. Both the bulls were very hard-working. But Lalu was older than Moti. He couldn’t Continue Reading